A headache with flipping..

Ok, I know this is going to sound contradictory. I have so wanted my girl to quickly learn to flip as it seems like everyone else's babies, some even younger than her, have started flipping. My anxiety was resolved when my hubby came back from his trip and she started to officially flip. Guess she was waiting to show both of us her first. Then again I realised that she now has a will of her own, wanting to flip whenever you put her down on her back, even on the changing table. It is challenging to simply change her diaper as she would turn and grab things insight with attempt to flip onto her tummy. Oooo...her feet are everywhere as much as her hands. She had kicked over her basin of water for sponging with little time for Mummy to respond. Fortunately, Daddy's reflex was faster otherwise the floor and table would have been seriously flooded.

Hey! I am enjoying sitting up and the world looks good from here...

Heehee....tummy fun time....