Bad Mommy....

Well the day just didn't end as well as it started. Mommy was too complacent I guess. Thinking that Keziah would be safe in the cot, I left her there for a short moment all ready for bed while I make her milk a few steps away. Who knows careless Mommy spilled water and had a get a cloth which was on the table to clean it up. Worse, I didn't latch the cot up proper thinking it's just a few steps away. Arghhh....Keziah was happily standing up in the cot and jumping away. At the moment I turned my back at her, the cot flung opened and Keziah fell straight out and hit her head! I am feeling so guilty now. All I could do at that moment to pick her up and try to hug and comfort her. I didn't even really notice where exactly she hit her head. Sob sob...Now that she is in bed, I could only pray all is well and she hasn't injured her head.