First Chinese New Year

17 Feb Chinese New Year Eve

18 Feb First Day of Chinese New Year
Keziah finally met everyone in the big family at one venue. However, she's not quite too comfortable with the large crowd. What a contrast with her at home toying around and out playing slide at United Square on Day 2 in her easy purple top and jeans skirt!

20 Feb 3rd Day of Chinese New Year
Well, today is fun with the Sunday School visitation. We started the day off at Uncle Eddie and Auntie Celina's place. Somehow Keziah was really getting sticky to Mummy and Daddy and simply showed quite obvious stranger anxiety in crowds.

Afterwhich, the youths came over to our place. Just look even the big kids were interested in little Keziah's toys. That goes to show how toys can be rather universal at times.

We ended the day by taking a walk out to United Square (our regular hunt for lazy weekends) for some fun on the slide with a stopover at TCC for tea. There Keziah met two nice little gals who constantly encouraged and helped her along like big sisters. So cute...Oh yes, we took a bus back home and look at just how Keziah tried to be 'adult'. Well, she loved riding simply on her Daddy as well.