Mommy's birthday

Well it's past midnight and still haven't been able to sleep. Just yesterday was Mommy's birthday but she's feeling low and depressed. Don't know what has gotten over her. For the past 2 nights, she has been losing sleep. Tossed and turned in bed but hardly catching a wink. Work has been bugging her or probably it's not so much as the load but her expectations and the procrastination from doing things that she found simply tough to understand and apply. Being an amateur and having to train others certainly isn't how things is. Will 'smoking' through get her there? No matter how much reading she does, it's just so little that she retains in the head! What's the problem????? Can anyone answer???? How can she get to back the coverted sleep that she needs to make sure her body function properly????


iemuhs said...

Happy Birthday Joan! Hope that you had a good day with hubby and BB :)

Work in the ministry/ state boards is more 'theoretical' and administrative than being out there and teaching, but you still have to do it. Maybe can ask around for help.. that's what I do...I will even ask my subordinates "HOW?"! There will be pressure to perform, simply because you are a scholar, and some of the pressure is really self imposed. Sometimes don't think about performance so much, just try and enjoy the work and do your personall best and that will be fine. Previously, I was very stressed, but after becoming a mom and since coming back from the US, I have become more outspoken and will speak my mind even if bosses don't want to or not used to hearing that from a subordinate. But I gather that I've nothing to lose since self worth is really given to my by being a great mom. After changing my perspective, I actually think that I can value add more and is a much effective and better worker than before. :) Hope that helps. Just take things as they come and don't stress too much.

Joanie said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I think it's just where I should be heading. Nothing can be the best especially being a greenhorn at the job. Yes, administrative work can be rather daunting but really I find it's the support that you get from your colleagues. Guess new environment, new colleagues don't quite help when it come to emotional support coz not sure who to turn to during down times. Glad to hear you have become more effective at work. Hope I'll soon be in that league too...guess my heart is with Keziah and actually thinking of taking no pay leave or even maybe taking a break from service once the bond is up.

iemuhs said...

Your bond should be ending soon right? Go ahead and take a break if you want, will be good for you and Keziah :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,
Being a new mum, I can understand your difficulties. It's not easy to cope with your work when you have a baby. I really hope that your boss and colleagues will understand.

Joanie said...

Hi Bee Lian,
Heehee...good to have all the understanding mommies around. Hope you are having a great time with your gal. Cherish the moments...really miss the early days when I can just spend time with her. Now wanna read on how to teach her and play with her also got no time...hardly even catching up with newspapers..haha..