2nd Jan Mommies Gathering

12/12 - Nice date isn't it. The Jan Mommies had a 2nd gathering today at Pearl River Restaurant for a sumptuous buffet. Being a weekday, there was hardly any crowd. It was good catching up and seeing how we have all changed over the past few months. We first met when we were all about 20 weeks. Most now were in their 33-36 weeks. Being preggies did provide us with that common interest ground to chat and share the excitement of childbirth. Though this time round the crowd wasn't as large, we still had a cozy time in the restaurant that was actually quite quiet. Met some mommies earlier as they couldn't stay for dinner but it's a pity we didn't catch a shot. Anyway, the dinner spread was reasonably good and the food was rather fresh. Mommy QQ had uploaded all the wonderful food pictures on her blog. I shan't duplicate it here until I have gotten her permission. Do drop by and visit. It's really amazing how much we could eat, not to mention the accompanying husbands. All these happened as we had our wonderful active Mommy Mei who always volunteers to be the organiser and get us freebies as well.

While we look forward to the arrival of our babies, we too would be looking forward to our 3rd gathering with the little ones in tow! Now it's just counting down to see who pops first.