What should we get for Xmas/Baby welcome gift?

It's the time of the year. Sales is everywhere and there is loads of tempting spree online. Mommy really hasn't been having much time for these until the sudden craze hit over the weekend. Now, Daddy and Mommy are really rushing to buy stuff before all these sales/sprees end. Wonder why people are closing their sprees so fast. Probably everyone is in a good buying mood. Anyway, in view of the welcome of our little boy and of course K's little brother, we are thinking of a gift for K, remembering she's never 2nd even with her little brother. Seriously we don't really have the practice of buying gifts for Xmas but I guess for this year, there is a good reason for it. Especially, now with USD dropping like crazy, it's good time to spree from USA.

Mommy's rather undecided whether to get the Leapfrog's LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Learning System (appropriate for 6-36m)

or My First LeapPad® Learning System (3- 5 years).

Of course the latter has a longer educational utility period but guess even if the former was bought, there's always no.2 to use it.

Toy'RUs also has some nice drawing easel which Daddy and Mommy thought Keziah would love since she's now into the phase of drawing and messing around with her marker pens and crayons. We actually went to survey and shortlisted the two models below. There was one other crayola model that looked sturdier but only 1 last piece left. The First Art Studio seemed attractive but looking at the box (since there was no display), it looked rather small. The other can be used on both sides at the same time but looks abit flimsy. Both had magnetic boards which meant that K could stick her magnetic alphabets and learn. After much thoughts and spending money on leapfrog stuff, Mommy thinks we have to shelf this buy first unless it comes as a gift to Keziah this year. Meanwhile, Mommy tries to hunt for a 2nd hand.

The First Art Studio

Crayola Quickflip 2-sided Easel