Sad and Disappointing Saturday...

When Daddy returned from work, Mommy was so happy coz the weather was brilliant to go out! Especially these days being rainy, any sun rang the opportunity to take off. Mommy seemed to be suffering from "London winter" depression symptoms, i.e. going abit crazy in the depressive gloom when there was no sun. Guess Mommy also has this nesting syndrome where she has some sixth sense that baby was coming soon and wanted to spend any little time enjoying the times as threesome.

After some time haggling with Daddy at where to go since we had to go without a car today, our dear sun decided to retreat and allowed the dark clouds to come on. Having a car at this point would definitely be a convenience with a heavily preggy and a little toddler. Anyway, not having it was just another to add on to the disappointment of what came after!

Mommy had planned to go to SKS bookshop to get some Christian books and then to Tanglin Mall for snowplay. Though we still got out of the house, with a ride out, the rain spoiled the whole afternoon and evening. On the way out, Mommy realised she didn't bring her wallet out, i.e. the ezlink card for public transport travel as well. Yes, we did go to SKS bookshop and picked up some books. However, we had to 'lug' them to Tanglin Mall in a cab. Ok, it wasn't many books but guess a few books to a heavily preggy was somehow still heavy. At the mall, we changed Keziah diaper and realised we only had 1 last piece left. Only then both Daddy and Mommy realised they forgot to pack in more diapers as we rushed out of the house to catch a ride. Thereafter, we waited anxiously for snowfall at 7pm and I can tell you it was really crowded! Things were made worse with the flea market that was on and the rain that kept people squeezing along the covered walkway, waiting for snowfall like us. As much as we saw the snowfall from a distance, it was in the rain and Keziah couldn't go out to play. So near yet so far. What was nice was the purple Xmas lights along the streets but seriously after all those happenings, there wasn't much mood to enjoy it... Then the day ended with us taking a cab back with the hope that we will be back for some FUN before this whole snow thing ends on 2 Jan 08.