Shu Shu...ZOOoooo...

This morning Shu Shu borrowed our zoo pass and Keziah was so excited thinking that Shu Shu was going to bring her to the zoo. This was how the interesting conversation between Mommy and Keziah went.

K: Shu Shu's going to bring me to the zoo. (While Shu Shu was having a shower.)
M: Are you sure? Please go ask him first.
K ran upstairs to the shower and asked.
K: Yes, Shu Shu's going to bring me to zoo after church. We're going to zoo now.
M: No No, we are going to church now. After church, Ok?
Mommy asked Daddy to sms Shu Shu to check it out again.

At church,
K: Shu Shu's going to bring me to zoo after church? When we go home? (repeated a few times on the car and in church and even back home after waking from her nap)
M: Sorry, not today. Shu Shu said he will bring you another day.
K's looking abit disappointed and wondering if what Mommy said was true.
K: Why? Why not today?
M: I do not know. You can ask Shu Shu when you see him later.
K: When we go to the zoo?
M: No. But we will go zoo tomorrow with TaTa and have a picnic lunch. Go home and ask TaTa if he would like to join us, ok?
K: Yes!
And sure as it was, she asked TaTa after she woke up from her nap.

Back home when Shu Shu came home while Keziah was being prepared for bed,
K: Shu Shu, you bringing me to zoo? (something to this extent as Mommy was in the bathroom washing her feet and couldn't really hear in full)
S: another day, ok? To see the elephants, zebra, giraffe.......
K: (mentioned some animals) ok

Mommy was just amazed how persistent she was and her memory. She actually remembered about going to zoo. Mommy thought she would have forgotten after a day at church, having worship service and playing with her friends. Now she sure knows where she wants to go and what she wants or don't want to see.

Beware therefore, for when she wants it, she will whine and pine over things like a broken tape recorder that will seriously ring at your ear. It's Why? and more Whys? Mommy really needs to teach her (or actually continue to teach as this behaviour has started for quite some time...terrible 2s...tantrums 3s) to exercise some self-control and understand that she doesn't get everything she wants all the time...a long way to train..That's why the Proverbs 22:6 says "Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not turn from it". Train = hard work = labour