Abel LOVES water...First encounter with Sparkles

After the past few fearful attempts at the pool, Abel finally found joy being in the water. Today we were invited to Uncle Lam's place for a swim and BBQ.

We were simply amazed at how comfortable Abel was this time round in the baby pool. Holding onto a Cheryl's swim board, he actually waddle around first with Daddy and later even on his own while Daddy brought Keziah to the adult pool for a swim. Certainly not wanting to lose out, Abel actually climbed out of the baby pool in an attempt to join his sister, not realising the dangers of deep water. Yes, he had his swim jacket on but still you don't want to try that.

Uncle Lam even prepared sparkles for the kids. It was both Abel's and Keziah's first encounter with these. Just look how amazed Keziah was playing with them, asking one after another after the earlier one extinguished. On the other hand, our Abel was just too taken aback by the bright sparks that came flying out from this little stick.