Zoo with Ta Ta

Although we always go to the zoo, there's always something interesting each time we went. This time together with Ta Ta, we spotted some really rare sights: The tigers trying to make love, the ring-tailed lemur sleeping on a branch totally still that Keziah could stroke its hairy tail, beautiful birds and different species of butterflies (more than usual) of which one landed on Daddy's hand for us to capture a nice shots.

We were in time for goat feeding at the Kidzworld. It's the first time the kids were doing this at the zoo. With the initial reluctance, especially when the adult goats were so aggressive that they even knock their kids to get food from the visitor, the kids grew to love this feeding session.
Even Abel enjoyed it so much that he's even 'talking' to the goats (mummm mummm...) as he fed them.
Mommy simply loved his looks as he monkeyed around and his great laughter which were brought about by simply looking at how the goats behaved as they were fed.

We were at the Shaw amphitheatre to watch the rainforest fights back again at the request of our dear gal. Somehow, Abel really was so fearful of the loud drumming and all that he cried. Keziah was also affected by him and we ended up leaving midway.

We had packed for our picnic some sandwiches and porridge for Abel. Interestingly, Keziah still liked the plain homecooked food while our dear Abel decided that bread was still his favourite.

Our departing picture with the giraffes...


Unknown said...

Wow, you all have been to the zoo so many times, while I have only been there once. Haha... :)