Off for church camp

We haven't been to church camp for the longest time since the kids came along, especially overseas one. This time we finally made it and it was a really fruitful trip, with much learning from the Lord's Word. There was certainly alot of free time in the afternoon for us to ensure that the kids had their nap but what to do when they were up?

ITouch or IPhone without a phone function did wonders in keeping the kids in their seats with videos and games..

Wrestling with Daddy...That's great fun! A little massage on the back..
Food...first taste of museli bar for the little one..


Princess of Smiles said...

wah!! i still think you very li hai leh.. where did you all go??

so how are you managing with 2 + 1 to go?? sigh... still think you very li hai =)

Jia you!!

Joanie said...

Haha....this was juz a drive up to Malaysia. You will know the real results when we get back from ke ke...see if we're still in 1 piece...