Upper Seletar Reservoir

We had been really exhausted by the weeks activities and even more so for Mommy who's now going through all the preggy syndrome. Somehow Daddy who really prefers to stay home most of time, decided these few weekends to try to take evening out for walks which Mommy loved! Today, we ventured to Upper Seletar Reservoir and the sky was really lovely.

There was a little playground there and nontheless, it's one of those old few ones left which you find Merry-Go-Round, rickety see saw, hopscotch. Look at what Abel found! A budding coconut fruit.

How posey has our little girl become! Erm but looks like she learnt some kungfu or combat boxing somewhere.
Us FOUR...
There were loads of monkeys along the way but the kids loved seeing them!
Our dear girl suggested driving by the see the Christmas lightings and our dear Daddy gladly obliged. Brightly lit Orchard Road....