Couple date

Daddy took Mommy out for a date in celebrations of her birthday which falls on 22 Feb. It's our first date for the year and also one of the few rare ones after we had the kids! Now that the kids are older, and we have kind of settled for a routine of Friday nights at our in laws, hopefully there will be more of such times. Not to be greedy, hopefully at least once a month?

To Mommy's pleasant surprise, Daddy proposed watching a movie before our dinner. These days Mommy just wanted some brainless laughter, so we went for a silly Chinese movie "All well ends well". Really don't have to put any thinking into it.

Dinner was fantastic! Mommy loved the food at Shin Kushiya! It's our first visit and the food just taste absolutely heaven despite being just Japanese food. The freshness and taste were uniquely first class.