Ouch! "Dog" fight

We have always heard about cat fights among girls but rarely any for boys. Would we have called it dog fights for boys? Mommy was just so tickled when Abel's teacher called yesterday to say that he was bitten by his friend over toys. Guess age does not matter this young when you want something. Nonetheless, Mommy was surprised by the severity of the bite. Daddy told Mommy that his teacher told him that it was at the playground when it happened when he went to pick him up after school. Apparently, his teacher offered him to sit on the swing but he didn't want and who knows what happened next between Abel and this other kid coz when the teacher turned around, he was "attacked". Was it over the swing due to some miscommunication? Was it in defence or was it in anger? No idea.

Definitely this other kid must be a strong boy with a good set of teeth that left him with this red mark even after a day.


Princess of Smiles said...

SY has 2 bites before. Also similar one... hmm.. wonder is it the same person........

Joanie said...

Really? That must be quite bad....maybe I should go and ask teacher..