Zoo on CNY eve

Not sure if it was CNY eve or was it Universal Studio's opening, the zoo was rather quiet. For the first time, we decided to rent a tiny explorer to put the kids in so that they won't be too tired out.
Things are never bored at the zoo. There's always new things to discover. This time we managed to get a good seat for the Splash and Elephants@work show. The kids were really fascinated. Even Abel was sitting quietly watching intently at the show.
It's our 2nd time feeding the elephants. This time round, Keziah was keen on the feeding. In the past, she would shun once she right in front of the animal but this time, she just loved the experience. Not only that, our little Abel was just as excited despite facing such a huge animal.
Rest and relax...
We stumbled into the crocodile enclosure which we never seemed to have come by the previous many times. We were always watching out for them at the treetop walk.
We were just in time for giraffe feeding. We discovered that aside from having long neck and long legs, they have long tongues too!
Along the way, we bummed into the peahen and her chicks. They looked just so different!
Hey, orang utans chewed on sugar canes too!

Nothing beats filling our tummies after all the walk. It's KFC!
Our posy gal....