Space Hols

Our kids are always excited when it comes to painting and craft. We've been reading quite abit on space this holidays. Abel is exceptionally captivated by it. Maybe it's really a boys' thing. Anyway, we decided to just play around with comb and toothbrush to make a starry space with paint and glitters. Our kids started doing what they should but as usual after awhile, they went off tangent to use the brush to just dab paint around. Seriously, it looked like they had comets flying in space and shooting stars.

Some cut and paste and that's what Keziah created on planet sequence. Yes a few evening ago we made these bottle rockets to go along with the theme. Now Mommy wonder if we will launch it either using the menthol coke experiment or just a silly balloon or simply just leave them for the kids to fly them around.

Abel on the other hand did his craft with great seriousness and this was his idea of space.