Children's Day

Hello all the little ones, HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!

The little ones had celebrations in school today. For Abel's , parents were invited.

It was definitely an elaborate celebration with a themed party. It was a day with Alice in Wonderland. Our little Abel wanted to be dressed up as the rabbit and was really excited when he saw the rabbit ears and watch that we prepared for him! The school was all transformed.

We waited excitedly for the kids to get ready for their little performance but sadly the rain drowned our anticipation. We had to head into the school to begin with the activities instead.

It was hat making to join Mad Hatter at his tea party

Hand painting to suit the occasion. Abel just didn't want his face to be painted like a rabbit so it was just the hand. Interestingly, he took great care not to smudge the paint that we even had to tell him it's ok and it's dry.

Yes, the tea party and more dress up fun.

Treasure hunt for the golden key to open the door to find the doormouse.

Flamingo rings and story time. What story were we listening to? Alice in wonderland all relived by the puppets and sound effects from the kids with their instruments.

Nothing less than a sumptuous meal full of sweets and chocs to fill the little tummy. Of course, there were the staples of mee hoon, sweet corn and sandwiches on top of the muffins, eclairs, swiss rolls, jelly and fruit tarts.