New taste and new friends

Today is Teachers' day holiday and we were home. Mommy and Keziah went out for our fare of chicken porridge at the market and guess whatelse we bought?

Custard apple was in season and it's time for Keziah to have her first try. Yupz, she liked it!
New 'friends' for our tank. It's been sometime that our 10 fish were reduced to just merely 2 lonely ones in the tank. We saw these really nice bright orange sword fish and bought 2 of them together with 2 other fish for our tank. Let's hope that we are more successful with keeping these pets this time.
We were given this "Make a Trinket Box" craft on K's birthday and finally we started to work on it. It's the first experience with plaster and guess what, it wasn't as easy to handle and you've to be very fast with your hands to fill the mould before the plaster started to harden. Though Keziah was very excited about painting it, it will take a day to completely dry out before we can work in the paint. Guess what's her reply when Mommy told her that.
K: " But tomorrow I'll be in school at this time."
Yes dear, it will be weekend then for the finished product.