Keziah's Kindi concert

Today Keziah had her school concert and we're all there to give her our fullest support. This year the school put up a musical was about a little submarine named Roxy with his efforts to clean up the underwater seaworld.

Her class was acting as little stingray's. Some pictures taken by the professionals during their rehearsals. Just wished we were able to catch her in her full costume for the show.

They certainly spent efforts putting up the props and dressing the kids up. Ok poor video taken coz we were seated at the back and digital zoom just isn't the way to take videos. Nonetheless can you spot our gal?

2010 K's kindi concert from Joan on Vimeo.

Keziah and her classmates. Ain't they all look so cute! Somehow the girls are just so much taller than the boys.

Happy little ones...