What Abel says…What Keziah says...

It has been really interesting listening to the kids recently. Simple laughter from the simplicity of child's point.

Abel has certainly gotten a better grasp of his language recently and Keziah's a lot more street smart with finding Mommy's hp on Ah Ma's phone. It could be also that the kids are just growing up so fast..

What Abel says…sometimes it just sounds so logical..
1) Sky was grey in the morning and Mr Sun didn't seem to shine in the sky. Mommy was about to leave the house for school.
A: It's going to rain.
M: Bye kids
A: Don't forget to bring umbrella (Oooooo….how sweet!)

2) Daddy was walking around with Abel while waiting for Keziah to be off class and they passed by a children's clothes store.
A: (saw a nice pants) Daddy, can you buy me pants?
D: Why?
A: Because my pants is dropping. (Logical little man! Haha…)

3) We've been telling Abel to eat more so that he can grow tall coz our little boy just doesn't eat as much as his dear sister. One day we heard this at dinner table..
A: I want to grow tall tall
D: Tell everyone why?
A: I want to ride motorbike (ok this is the toy ride at funan centre of which his feet can't reach)

4) Keziah is a fan of Ariel and so our little boy is totally immersed in it too. One thing about Abel, he will actually take books and sit down to flip the pages. One day after reading Ariel story, he asked...
A: Why is Ariel swimming away from the eels?
D: Because the eels are bad.
A: What is bad?
D: Bad is not nice.
A: Cannot eat?
To him not nice means food not nice to eat. Totally out of context!

5) While eating his corn on a cob last night, he sang this song to the tune of "I'm a little teapot".
"I'm a little rocket, I can fly
Here is my nose corn, here is my fins.
xxxxx (Mommy couldn't decipher what the words were), I can fly,
Off the launch pad to the moon"
Hmm…How imaginative. Have we read too much about space or he's just fascinated about rockets? Probably he's just learnt about letter R = red rocket. Didn't know he could make up his own song but most probably he might have learnt it in school. Found this on youtube

What Keziah says.. (ok she's been calling Mommy on hp so often and bugging for return)
1) Mommy was going to bring Keziah was extra music class and she wasn't back home yet.
K (on phone): Where are you? Why are you not back?
M: busy at work. Will be back soon.
K: Why? Why? Why?
M: Gotta put down the phone so that I can finish my work and come back soon.
K: You can hold your phone and talk to me with one hand and do work with another.

2) Before bed time, we had always been doing bedtime reading, i.e. Mommy reading to the kids and it had always been difficult to get Keziah to read on her own. Recently, Mommy bought a set of Usborne Phonics Readers collection.


Guess what, she wants to read Mommy a bedtime story. Initially Mommy thought was the initial night of new books but it seems like she's asking Mommy to choose her bedtime story every night. How nice that she can read to Mommy now! Well not entirely, she still needs help. At least she's willing though Mommy still has some way to go to get her blend her words rather than trying to read by sight.