Keziah's making progress

Keziah started out on music class 2 years back. She had always been reluctant to practice and not a fan of theory work which started to come in this year. Frankly, we just wanted her to appreciate music and we probably won't continue on the group class as the pace is a little beyond with kids more than half a year older than her. Nonetheless, we try to encourage to move on as much as she could and to instill some discipline and the need of efforts to do things. Recently, Mommy (a music iliterate who learns along with her) tries to be more consistent with her piano practice after we get home, rewarding her with stickers initially. On top of that, she also started to notice that some of her friends are also making leaps and bounds and moving ahead with playing more songs and songs she likes. Guess with routine and some peer influence, it's working on her. So now she would ask to play her favourite piece "The Guinea Pig" when we get home in the evening and some of other pieces to help in her sight reading. One thing, she's also hearing herself playing music and not just notes from the piano.

Keziah on piano from Joan on Vimeo.