Happy Birthday Dearie...

It's the end of term and we were real busy and all of us were sick one after another the last weekend when it was Daddy's Birthday. So here is the belated gift from our little ones.

Finally too a night out for Daddy and Mommy. It had been awhile since we had last gone of one. Yes there's always this gap and now it looked like it might be more difficult to get away when the kids are still up. Keziah created a din before we managed to get her to go out with Ta Ta and Nei Nei so we could go for our pre-arranged date.

Mommy chanced upon Tairan Izakaya @ Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre on It was tucked away in a little corner of Orchard Road. The decoration and all really reminded Mommy of the Japanese bars. We were certainly amazed with the food.

Appetizers: Negi Toro Otsumami. Chopped tuna belly with roe eaten rolled in seaweed provided. All the flavours just oozed into your mouth with the very bite.

Takosu: A traditional japanese dish of vinegered octopus. Really appetising! Top with Assorted Sashimi of what we think were one of the places that served the freshest sashimi. With a spread of salmon, tuna belly, sword fish, amber jack, octopus with fish roe and prawn that were served in generous slices, we can't help but to savour every bit.

Somen champuru - tasty angel hair noodles full of the flavours of broth.
Gyu Saikoro - grilled black pepper beef cubes. Very succulent.
Grilled seasonal pink fish - extremely fresh.

Hmm…what do you do with the prawn head from the sashimi? Nothing was wasted. The waitress actually approached us to ask for the prawn head after we are done with the sashimi for it to be deep fried. It came out totally crispy that you could munch the whole head down.

A favourite that we usually don't miss at Japanese restaurant: Grilled squid. We tried the salted grilled squid. Daddy liked it but Mommy found it a tat too tough though it was still tasty and juicy.
Rounding it off with desserts: all complimentary!

We totally agreed with the food review that this place will seriously be our next Japanese food hunt. Reasonable price for the extensive menu of fresh yummy food. Quiet environment for two to talk despite not having the romantic setting.