Slumber Party

Daddy chanced upon Mc's Pyjamas Party and we trodded down with the little ones for some fun. It's our first time and we really didn't know what to expect. We met Daddy's friend and their daughter, Eunice and the kids had so much fun that we felt our kids were a little wild.
After Happy Meal time, it was time for some quizzes. The kids were so excited and Daddy got involved with being the answer provided. Proven for once, Daddy was a McDonald kid, knowing the characters, where the drive-thru were, opening of this new branch so well in his hands.
Next was some craft time….
Then a story time which all kids were waiting for. We had the story about "The Angry Old Woman". Definitely all captivated by the story, even our dear little Abel, the youngest, was all ears.
What was Mommy doing? Taking pictures and chilling out with a sip of Mocha!
There was a lucky draw at the end. We didn't get the lucky pick but still we went home all happy with a goodie bag.