Time to mess at home. Mommy was given some lasagne sheet some months back and today she tried to prepare the ingredients for the kids to get their hands on cooking. It was simple. Just make some mince beef sauce by frying 250g mince beef with onions, mixed vegetables and diced tomatoes (1 400g can) and cheese sauce by cooking a tablespoon of plain flour over melted butter followed by whisking in a cup of fresh milk till a thick sauce is obtained before adding in 70g cheddar cheese.

Then the kids got busy layering the lasagne, one to do the mince beef sauce, the other the cheese sauce. So the alternate between lasagne sheet, mince beef and cheese sauce.

Finally top with mozoralle cheese and pop into the oven. 30 - 35 minutes at 180 deg C and it's done! Well the cheese was a little too brown but otherwise fine :)