Our Girl is FIVE!

Our girl has been very excited about her upcoming birthday and today she was so happy to be dressed for school.
Coincidentally another K1 girl was also celebrating her birthday today. As usual the birthday kids were invited up stage and the school sang them a birthday song afterwhich they blew out the dummy cake.

We brought a cake for her to celebrate with her classmates. Her brother was as eager as she was.
 Her classmates!

We had invited the class to join us for a party this Sunday so this was just the prelude. How sweet one of her classmate's mom gave her a gift despite not being able to make it to the party. Thank you Nigel and mom though we have never met before.
We had dinner out and our girl chose to have Pizza Hut. Her favourite lasagne!
 A sweet treat after...
Her birthday gift from dad and mom and a little note from another of her classmate which we found in her bag.