K's birthday wish

Looks like our little girl has grown and will be 5 year old in a few days. Now she knows what she wants and makes her request:

1) My Birthday Party
2) Princess cake (asking for 3 cakes - one for her K1 class, one for her Chinese Immersion Programme class in school and one for an external party)
3) Princess Ariel Dress - her favourite princess
4) Earrings (Yes, she got her ears pierced so now eyeing on cute ones like lady bug and flower designs.)
5) Chocolate maker (Coz she chose it for a friend's birthday after Mommy bought a few items back home from shopping trip. Now that she has given the present to the receiver, she wants another or an ice cream maker that makes real food.)
6) Craft kits
7) More storybooks
8) Games though she can't precisely tell us what kind
9) Barbie (We wonder why coz she already has 3 at home and hardly plays with them)

Well, everything seems to catch her eyes these days when we go shopping. Let's see what more she asks for before the day...Item 1 and 2 are in place though we are only doing just 2 cakes...