5th Birthday Party

We had a party arranged at Vince Art and Music Studio, nothing less than a princess.
 All getting ready to meet the guests.
It all started with making their own crowns when the guests came. Friends from her kindi, previous school, music class and our dear 2 cousins graced the occasion.
They did a little treasure hunt around the studio for jewels...
What for? To make their own photoframes.
The action! Friends from her kindi all busy at work..

 Friends from her previous school..
Friends from her ex-music class.
The glorious cake cutting ceremony that everyone looked forward to! So excited till we didn't managed to get any family picture or group photos. A little disappointed but guess there will be another chance. The kids were definitely excited with the princess cake!
Really thanks to all for attending and your understanding of any delays and lack of hospitality! The kids definitely enjoyed themselves. Thanks too to our organiser, Xinyi Jie Jie whom we didn't have time to even catch a picture with and of course, Shu Shu for the extra hands.

Not forgetting thank you everyone for your lovely presents. Keziah was all smiles as she opened each of them!