June Holidays: Botanic Gardens

It's never easy to keep kids home during holidays when you see them 24/7. Nothing beats bringing them out. Mommy arranged with Aunt Jo to take a little walk and we met at Botanic Gardens new MRT station to begin our mid morning walk. Yes, Mommy with all three kids!
It's good to have the kids back to nature, feeling the greens. We were talking about the different flowers and the different leaves (ranging from shapes to network and parallel veins). The kids even requested to head for the old tree for a climb. They were a little apprehensive initially, especially Abel, when they got on the tree as there were other more abled foreign kids hurrying them. After some encouragement, they each made a mark today by conquering their fears, reaching a new height in tree climbing.
We literally walked from one end to the other end of Botanic Gardens and amazed how the kids weren't complaining any bit. Finally we took a bus from outside Gleneagles Hospital back home!