@ 10 months

Now we have a mobile toddler who is no longer happy being constrained in any seat or play area. She's so excited to explore the world around.

She such an able crawler that even under the table was a fun new experience. Pulling up to stand was no longer good enough and she will cruise along and get what she wants.

She has also been procrastinating from naps. Her naps are just cat naps, lasting only 30 minutes at most twice a day. We know she's still tired but she doesn't want to go back to nap after waking unless you carry her throughout. Mommy doesn't have this luxury of time and so she just sits around to play. Unknowingly, sometimes she just dozes off in her chair or pram if we are on the move.

The kitchen is now her toy too. She enjoys 'cooking' but most of all opening the fridge. She certainly likes to show that she's the boss, sticking her leg out of the chair to rest on the table top.