The Port of Lost Wonder

After hearing all the raving over the new water play that opened at Sentosa, here we were to explore. It was a warm, sunny day. Our kids were so excited when it comes to play and can't wait to get in.

 We were there early and the gates weren't open yet. So we went round to get some pics. Look at the poses!
 We were all 'tagged' to enter. However, we were a little upset our little Keren had to pay when she can hardly play much.
 Wet and wild time!!!!!
 We met Keziah's friends from the Disney Princess Pagent and the girls had a whale of the time playing.
Keren too had a dip in the waters with Daddy.
Capturing the little moments of our little one…One thing we noticed, she didn't crawl out of the mat. Guess the grass was simply too prickly!
The cheeky smile..
Aside from the water play, there were organized activities such as storytelling time, parrot show and craft sessions. Seriously if you were to ask me if we were to go again, I guess not as the area was simply too small and crowded even on a weekday.