Somehow all things unfortunate happens on Monday. Keziah seems to have taken to some silly Monday crank all the time. Last night she slept only at 2am and today she got up at 8 am. Fed her, bath her, changed her, played with her but she just didn't want to sleep when it's time to put her to nap. She was so cranky and it really drove me up the wall wondering what was wrong. Fed her when it's not even feeding time to soothe her but somehow it didn't work. She was screaming till her face was all red. Yes, I see red too!!!! Finally took her out for a walk to Novena Square and she somehow quieten and fell asleep on the walk. So I simply spent 1h window shopping and came home due to a bad stomach. She was wide awake again once she hit home. What can I say? She's gonna be a outdoor gal when she grows up? Thankfully my hubby took a day off to keep me company seeing the distress I face. Somehow I feel so thankful but there's really little he could do when I am breastfeeding. At least I could have a hug when I feel low and somehow to carry her around. Noted that Keziah has started to recognise people and when she's cranky it seems that I am the only one who could carry her and soothe her down for a little while. Though I feel good she knows I am mummy but I also want others to be able to help me out in carrying her. Okiez better rest before she next wakes up.