Wow...another week passed

Hey it's been almost a week since the last post. Well, celebrated Keziah's full month on 6 May. It's amazing how the day went. Baby Keziah was unusually sleepy and slept even amidst the noise of the crowd who were so enthusiastically awaiting her to open her pearly eyes. What an angel but who knows the din she creates when she's with mum and dad. I guess I had a good time meeting up with friends once again after a whole time kept in house without much interaction with the world out there aside from msn. I'm glad I'm finally back to eating what I want.

Motherhood is a real challenge both physically and emotionally. It can be rather difficult to predict her wimps and fancies. I have yet to grapple the message behind her cries. Sometimes she wails so loud that I can hardly think straight and simply just provide her the milk source. As usual she will suckle but whether or not she's hungry it's another question. Babies change so quick. Right after her first month it seems like she sleeps better now in the day. At least I get an hour or two to do some stuff. She's getting more responsive and smiles as you talk to her alot more. She's reaching out and learning to grab stuff and I'm certain she's good at sticking out her little tongue too (not sure where and from whom she learned that from). Nonetheless the weird thing is my darling who sleeps well at night is getting to be more cranky during those hours. Tough trying to get her into a routine. Yes, I feel I'm getting so haggard. I must start to make an effort to look good. I can't let this go on despite the draining efforts of trying to breastfeed her. Okiez...the woes of mothers... So tempted to give her formula but each time I tell myself I must persevere to give her the best. Not forgetting upon all these, my husband. We have been spending so little time together and most of the time are taken up by the chores of simply putting her to sleep. Learning to value each moment is the underlying principle.

Just some latest pictures of Keziah at her full month ...