Hubby's back!!!

So happy!!!!! Hubby's back...somehow feel as if he left for a long while though it's just 18 days. Certainly feel good to have taken a day off today to spend with little Keziah and hubby. Pity it rained all night and rained all day. It wasn't till late after that we managed to take her out for a walk. Sure hoping that tomorrow will be a bright sunny so that we can take her out. Plan is to go shopping at isetan since it's the beginning of baby fair. Sure looking forward to some good buys!

Little Keziah has finally managed to flipped onto her tummy on her own after her accidental encounters last few weeks. Well today she has been flipping pretty often when we placed her on her play mat as well as on our bed. She attempted that in her cot and wriggled all the way till the corner as there was simply insufficient place for her to exhibit her stunts. Pity Mummy didn't managed to get some shots of the funny awkward positions she was in.

Weight Loss
Arghhh...not sure to celebrate or to cry. My weight has amazing dropped to a low of 50kg even though I just had 5-6 pieces of standard pizza slices with a glass of Starbucks coffee! I think I ate even more than my hubby. That means I should be weighing less than 50kg which is even lower than my pre-pregnancy weight!!!! Hey hey don't think that I am dieting. In fact, I think I am such a glutton these days even at work, eating a full breakfast of 1 packet of fishball noodles and 1 slice of bread, lunch and dinner won't be anything less than rice with some veg and meats and of course intermittent snacks in between meals of cereal bars and milk. Is breastfeeding taking off that much calories that I need even more. Worse today, it appeared that my miksupply hit a low in the evening with baby struggling for milk, crying and pulling vigourously at her 2nd last feed before sleep. After my persuasion from my hubby, I finally gave in to give her 120ml formula milk. This was so unlike the past weeks during weekends when I latched her on the whole day and nothing of such happened. Ooooo...what is happening? Do I have to eat even more?

The beginning of supplement...

Today, my gal started her first taste of formula milk. Looks like she is certainly adaptable with no resistance to fm at all. Heard from my parents who fed her the milk that she recieved the milk well and in fact, was not satisfied though given the full 180ml. Guess she is certainly growing and utilising all her energy with the need of a greater demand.

Drying cow...

It's the whole feeling of guilt now that I have to start supplementing. This "cow" has reached terminal capacity and somehow baby Keziah has to be supplemented with formula beginning tomorrow or latest Thursday. No matter how the milk supply hasn't shown increasing signs while Keziah's appetite grows. How I wished I had taken another 2 mths off to breastfeed her to reach the 6 mth mark! Maybe mummy's body is simply resisting the pump. With the erractic schedule of moving in and out of office, meetings, courses, there was simply no chance to extra pumping. Even if I did 3 pumps instead of 2, the total amt I got varied only by 20-30 ml. Just wonder how did working mums out there managed to maintain supply when they start work. Was I too tired/ lazy in the initial months and so the lacking in abundance of supply or simply as the lactation consultation says I simply didn't have enough tissue to hold more milk? Ha Ha...I might have lost weight too fast with me now back to pre-pregnancy state except for a little tummy poach. Insufficient FATS when I need them most!

Day out..

Today I finally had a good chance to take a picture of her holding her milk bottle. Heehee...Cute ritez!

Today is also the first time that I am taking her out since coming over to my mum's. She is all smiles in her stroller. She seems to enjoy being out. Guess so too especially she has been home all the time and could have been rather bored. However, Saturday is simply far too crowded a day to be out. People were jostling around and Singaporeans simply don't give way. Nonetheless, the baby room at Seiyu is pretty good. Privacy during nursing and convenience of washing point for diaper changing.

Hands and feet up...

Yeah! It's weekend...

Now I look forward to every weekend. It's a time of rest from the hectic work which is rather brain intensive and most of all, it's a time to spend with my dearie gal. Keziah is now almost 4.5 months old and chuckles quite abit. Sometimes it sure sounds like she's complaining. Her appetite really boomed with 180ml for each feed. Mummy's supply isn't coping and guess I have to introduce formula next week to supplement her feed as she has wiped out the freezer store.

Thank God for coping better at work. Life at HQ sure isn't one that allows one to slack. Thankfully my colleague sharing a common office is such a nice lady and helped me a great deal with all the jargons.

Oh yes! Bought my gal a nice pink bucket hat yesterday at TAKA Baby Fair for a cheap $6 when usually it's double the price usually.

Hmm...somehow my shoes are wearing off faster here than in schools. Wonder why as I certainly do less walking with most of my time facing the computer. Well, I do have to take visits out on some occassion. Guess I should go shopping for some good shoes and discard those peeling off and causing blisters on my feet. Let's see what I get today on my trip out.


Hiaz....hubby has just left yesterday for 18 days of overseas training. Feeling so emotional and sobby the whole of yesterday. Somehow it's as if he's going away for long. Silly me! Heehee...Somehow feeling so reluctant to be away from him. Ha ha he was joking that I will miss not having a 'blanga' around to help out. Gee...

For 3 weeks I am going to be staying at my mum's place so that baby Keziah will be cared for and ease me off travelling to and fro.

My little gal somehow always gets fever after her jabs. Happened again after her jab on Friday. I should have ignored the dr's instructions and give her some paracetamol once she's home from the jab. Might do her some good then to wait till her temperature goes up. Anyway, thank God her fever came down today after 2.5 doses of the medication. Wonder why 2.5 doses? Coz she spitted out most of her first dose. Was rather cranky and refuse to sleep. Needed to carry her and suspect she's actually comfort feeding. Nonetheless, what to do but to accede to our little princess's requests?

Loving it more....

The little active one is getting her hands on everything. Everything seems to intrigue her. Heehee....

"Hmm...which should I pick?"

"Hee hee...see my sweetie smile and my favourite rattle."

"Daddy daddy I've got something to show you..."

"Hey! You spotted mummy and me with my chime ball...."

4 months old!!!!

Keziah is already 4 months old today....How exciting to see her grow...think I really need to engage her alot of more..

Here's our little gal all smiles...

It's another week passed

Well really thank God for settling into the working routine. I must say it has been rather tiring but still coping. There is alot of new things for me to assimilate and certainly the work culture and scope which is definitely different from teaching. Challening tasks to take on. Learning to take things one step at time and prioritising are the outmost important I must say.

Been spending a whole week at my mum's with little Keziah as my hubby was on reservice. Was coping with her getting up rather early initially. I really missed home eventhough my parents had been great help in taking care of her. Haha..may be I am away from my hubby who does quite alot of menial stuff for me.

Looking now, Keziah is 1 day to her 4th month. She's growing so quick though I must say (well I would otherwise complain the slow process when she's in her tyrant moods...haha...) She is now more adept in all ways and chuckling alot. So heartwarming seeing her great big smile when I come home from work...

Here's some pics to update

Daddy and his little girl

"Oh look at my PJ"

Lovely smiles....

Work work work..

Working is no joke. I just seem to have plunged into culture shock with loads of things to do. Everything seems to be pouring in and the readings are impossible. I have never been good with reading and you can imagine how horrendous I felt when I hear of having to read theories on education and policies after my meetings with people after people here. Independent work is the key and basically there's little support with people all so busy with their own respective work. I am missing school teaching life. Though that can be busy in itself, there's more interaction than purely staring at the computer screen whole day, otherwise books that are now sitting on my table. I have been bringing work home practically everyday and I feel so depressed for not having time to spend with my girl. Arghhh...Wished I could just take no pay leave for the while.

Guess things compounded with me having to move over to my mum's to stay as my hubby is on ICT and would be away in 2 weeks for 3 weeks of reservice overseas. My little gal has began to get up at 3-4 am rather than 5-6 am and refuses to sleep after feeding as if morning has broken for her. Tired...

Little Keziah has grown to be so active now. Grabbing her little feet, slapping them together, waving her hands all over the place. Really wished I had more time with her each day.