Wow! It's been more than a week since I last came in to post some updates. is just getting so overhead of me sometimes. Especially last week when my hubby and I both came down with a cold at the same time. Thankful our gal is strong and kept resilient.

Well well wonder what has gotten into her system. She now periodically rouses from her sleep punctually at 10pm. Need some cuddling to put her back to bed. She is persistently sucking her fingers still mummy wonder if she would kick the habit. Is she teething? Hmm...and notably she needs woman's touch at bedtime. My hubby simply can't coax her no matter how.

Last night was a horrible night. She was perpetually getting up every hr or two with a screaming cry sounding as if she has been frightened from her sleep. Each time I have to nurse her to lure her back to dreamland. Hiaz..tired! Wonder if she was just too simulated from the day out shopping and walking around.

That being said, our gal is growing beautiful each day with the most charming smiles..