Cookie making

Since Keziah was still not well on boxing day, we aborted the plan to go to the zoo. Tata bought her some cookie cutters of Australian animals from their trip and so Mommy decided to spend the day making cookies. The recipe was simple.

3/4 cup of flour
2/3 cup of oatmeal
1/2 cup of corn starch
1/2 cup of sugar
3/4 of soft butter (had a bit of difficulty measuring this amount of solid!)

It was fun but messy, especially with a toddler who was more interested in messing with the flour.

Just look at the active participation...

The products...some how they looked better as dough rather than after baking. Not sure if it's caused we made oatmeal shortbread and as a result of the oatmeal, the cookies ended up rather bumpy with the prints hardly visible. Somehow they don't turn brown despite the baking.

What was Abel doing in the meanwhile? Watching, waiting, waiting and waiting till he went out to play with his 'Fruits and Veg'.


Anonymous said...

Keziah is so pretty now... typical big eyes, long black hair and great smile.

Tung Leh said...

the cookie do looks yummy, hehe... can I have a bite? haha...

Joanie said...

Ting, thanks for the compliments. Just thankful God gave her the nice features. Hope next time doesn't cause her too much trouble! Heehee..

Tung Leh, sure u can try them just that they ain't too fantastic. See if there is chance to try again..