SSO Baby Prom

Heard of this through one of the Jan 08 Mommies and thought it might be good to bring Keziah to see what a real orchestra is like. It was a greater impetus when Aunt Nat was also interested to bring Cheryl along. Together we went for this, though I am not sure what Keziah learnt from it. Nonetheless, Keziah was certainly mesmerised by the music despite not wanting to participate in the action. However, she clapped along at the appropriate times. Guess this will be first exposure for her.

Oh yes, we took the chance to catch the seseame street show at Marina Square. The place has changed quite abit. We weren't fast enough to be the first 40 to get a picture with the characters but Keziah enjoyed seeing Elmo, Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster. She was up on her feet as it was rather crowded and clapped along with the crowd. As usual when Elmo disappeared behind the stage, she would ask for him.