"Resort" stay at TPY

Tata and Nei Nei were holidaying in Australia. Daddy and Mommy decided to try out living on our own in our flat in Toa Payoh which has been standing around and collecting dust. It was quite nice to have some space of our own but of course, alot more we have to do on our own as well. Mommy took the chance to train the kids to sleep in separate room. Wasn't too bad a start considering that Keziah slept through and only woke up early morning to come into our room to join us in bed. Rather it's Abel that kept waking up once or twice in the night. A good time to try the crying out method as well.

Will we live on our own from hereon? Mommy thinks it's too early to conclude as there will be quite some changes next year.

The kids over the week...Abel with his many expressions...

Since Mommy had a bit more time, we took the time to grow some beansprouts together. Mine oh Mine, just look how they have grown so quickly in a couple of days.


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handsome boy!