Seimpi Xmas Prom

It's Keziah's first time on stage performing! Her music school had its annual Christmas concert for the children where every little one participated. Frankly speaking, the place was a little small and crowd control was bad. All the parents were anxious for their little ones and the aircon was just not strong enough. Nonetheless, guess it's a good first experience for Keziah on stage doing her percussion act on the bells to Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. Though she's not exactly following what she should do, it's good that she enjoyed it.

The preparation...she was all amazed with all those that went on stage to perform, giving claps after each item. Surprisingly when it's her turn, she didn't fuss and went into the queue enthusiastically as we went on stage together.

Cheryl was also in the same music school at a different branch performing on the piano. Just look how well she looked on the piano. Aunt Nat was cheering her on behind the curtains...

Keziah's friends in the class, making music together..

Abel and Ah Ma looking on...

The finale....we sang together....Keziah was enjoying every bit with claps and waving the song and Daddy who was down the stage.

And yes, a picture of her and her Teacher Siew Pei..