19th month milestone

Mommy hasn't been very diligent in updating Abel's milestone. Seriously over the few months being home with him, I realised there were many little things he could do, in terms of gross motor skills that take me by surprise.

For now, he's very good at his pincer grip with his fingers which we noticed from young. More than picking up small objects, he could unscrew bottle caps, take cloth pegs and placing them around the cup or on the rack, attempting to thread big buttons through a cord and piecing train tracks and square puzzle pieces with better hand-eye coordination. He's also starting to tear paper and tissue into pieces. Though he has been insisting on feeding himself, Mommy still at the end of the power struggle to feed him to avoid mess and to make the process faster. He's playing with his food most of the time but he does enjoy using a fork to pick up his fruits.
About a month or so back, he started to drink from a cup but has always been spilling quite badly. Recent 2 weeks, his control has been alot better and able to drink on his own 80-90% of time. Good at immitating others in terms of action for action songs and facial expressions too.