Beginning of Literature-based learning

We've been reading Eric Carle's books which Mommy managed to borrow from Bishan Library. Yes, Bishan does have a wider range of children books! Mommy decided to do some activities based on "Brown bear, Brown bear, what do you see" based on some resources that Aunt Pauline had recommended for homeschooling throught a literature-based approach.
We had
1) some simple story telling sequencing using the character puppets to recall the sequence of the character appearances.
2) Ordering the size of brown bears from big to small.
3) Puzzle of matching head and tail of the animals.
4) Recognition of words and colours which was a good way to exercise the phonics that Keziah had learnt. From this, mommy realised she might be a little confused with 'b' and 'd' and get them mixed up.
5) Did some simple counting of one-to-one correspondence using beans.
6) Estimation of how many beans were needed to cover a printed bear picture.
7) Categorise the animals into 3 groups based on number of legs that they had.
8) Sing our teddy bear action song which Abel loved doing with his little carebear.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear touch the ground
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear show your shoe
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear that will do.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, go upstairs
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, brush your hair
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn off the light
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say goodnight!

These were done over the past 2 days and it's amazing it got Keziah really interested in the book and even kept reading it to herself. She was so fascinated with all the manipulatives that were made and kept asking for more. Well, it really took Mommy a whole night printing and laminating all those. Abel got to play with the puppets and did heads and tails matching.

Since Keziah was on letter 's', we read a book on "The life cycle of a sunflower" by Linda Tagliaferro. We decided to do some sorting with red, green and black beans were after these beans are seeds and tried growing them (ok, we will know if they all grow on cotton with daily watering and sunlight which we read that were essential to plant growth). To wrap up for the day, the kids made a sunflower craft using paper plate and beans.


Linda Tagliaferro said...

Hi, Joanie,

Thanks so much for mentioning my book, "The Life Cycle of a Sunflower." I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it and that it entertained your kids.

Linda Tagliaferro