R week...

Ok, Mommy's back with her attempt to do some activities with Keziah and to include Abel in craft.
What can we do with rice? Texture letter R to start it off.
It's rainbow time. We sang the rainbow song and did some tearing and pasting to make up this rainbow. Mommy had wanted her to sort the colour stripes of paper and tear them up into squares to make this rainbow collage. Keziah's a little lazy and wanted to just to paste the whole stripe of paper for each colour. was only after much proding that this was done.

I can sing a rainbow (Modified to have the colours as reflected in Sci textbooks)
Red and Orange and Yellow and Green
Blue, Indigo and Violet,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow tune.
Mommy tried singing in Chinese but Keziah's still prefers the English version.

Found this website to observe colour mixing. It didn't turn out quite well but it was good that the kids observed that colour change when mixed though the intent was to see red + yellow = orange, red + blue = purple and blue + yellow = green.

Mommy wanted to buy some popsicle moulds to make some popsicles to show Keziah the use of the refrigerator to change liquids to solids but after a major hunt of a few supermarkets (ang moh, ntuc, phoon huat, cold storage and shop n save), it was a failed attempt. Murphy's Law! We'll see what we can do tomorrow.


Princess of Smiles said...

i bought mine from ikea a couple of months back.. but now that you mentioned, I don't rem seeing it recently.. if I pass by again I'll keep a lookout!!