West Coast exploration and the Night Safari

Daddy took leave to make it a long weekend. We went off the West Coast Park to explore this huge playground. Things weren't very new but there were loads to play. Somehow Abel just didn't like the feeling of sand on his feet and he will just stand on the walkway and look at us in the play area. It took him some time and of course, the prodding of mommy that he got onto the slides and got his hands on the sand.

Nothing beats having a nice dessert after that. We went to MOF at West Coast Plaza for some Japaanese desserts and they were yummy.

Later in the evening, we went to Night Safari. It's the first time for the kids. It was a good experience with creatures in the night for the kids. Keziah was rather amazed by the show. We went on the tram ride to spot the animals, some of which were hiding. Too dark for pics though.


ting gu-gu said...

hey...cousin raelyn is also scared of sand too..or shld i say dislike??!??

hahah...thk kids are the same...But the hate will grow to love soon, i hope!! haha