Dinner Prep..

Thought to make dinner preparation more interesting, Mommy got the kids to explore the corn/maize. So we talked about the stem, the leave sheath, the kernels, and silk. The kids enjoyed tearing the leaves into pieces and we realised we can only do that lengthwise. It's real tough if you try to do it across the width. Afterwhich, it was simply wrapping it in foil and left in the oven to bake.

Mommy really didn't know what to do on top of the roast chicken that was in the oven, so it was just simply mash potatoes for the carbo, added with peas for vegetables (vitamins/proteins) and a whole load of cheddar cheese for calcium. Keziah did all the layering and grating of the cheese. Abel was none other going to be left out, wanting to be part of every step.