The Green Sheep

Holiday season is always a time where shopping centres start to put up shows for the kids. Here at Forum, there was a theatrical play "The Green Sheep" by an Australian cast based on writer Mem Fox. We had to queue for tickets 30 mins or so before the show as seats were limited albeit free. It was really a very entertaining show, with sound effects so real made from different instruments. We saw so many different kind of sheep and the kids, even Abel, were captivated by the show. After the show, the kids got to interact with the cast, play with the instruments and listen to the story being read again.

Thereafter, you could sign up for their workshop. The kids really had fun working on the crafts, moving from one station to another. In total, we brought back 3 art pieces each, with the final one to be displayed at Forum.

Yes, we met up with her exclassmate Sarah for the show as well. Just look at the girls enjoying their snacks after show!