Sand art...Xxxx....Yyyy...

Our first attempt at sand art. My oh my, thank goodness that Mommy did it outside the flat, otherwise, we would be having a sand storm in the house. Keziah was really careful in her work and in fact, got so worked up that there was insufficient sand of the appropriate colour to fill her craft. She wanted to do it like the sample picture and when the colours ran out, she wailed and whined. Mommy had no choice but to stop everything to give her a lecture on being flexible.

Well didn't really do much with our dear letter X and Y. For letter X, we simply sang songs to do with X-ray and Xylophone, did a simple craft X-ray of a leaf by shading out its shape with a crayons of different colours. There was an intent to look for books on X-ray but somehow didn't find anything appropriate at the library. Will have to shelf this till our next library trip.

Y was a little more interesting. We were yakking away on the phone alot this week and eating yougart as snack. Yes, we managed to get a story book on the Lucky Baby Yak but sadly the storyline wasn't very fantastic and alot too wordy (actually a folklore which Mommy didn't think was too appropriate after reading more in detail - skip the book). Nonetheless, we made our hairy yak by using toilet roll as well as strips of paper which Keziah rolled to curl them using a chopstick. Looks like rolling paper strips wasn't an easy task afterall for the little girl. With the lack of patience, that explained the few strand of 'hair' that the yak had.

We messed around with fingerprinting together with Abel. However, our dear Keziah messed all the colours on the paintpad by rubbing across with her palm while Mommy went off to check on cooking in the kitchen. Ok, still usable but guess the colours are not so distinct from now on. With that, we made our little yacht.