Happy Birthday Ah Gong!

Yes, Ah Gong's birthday is in January as well. Mommy chose her favourite Korean restaurant Ju Shin Jung (West Coast) to take Ah Gong out for dinner. It's been a long time that we haven't been there. Well, food still looked as good and appetiser was a big spread as well. Somehow though, the food just wasn't as good as it was 2 years back when we first came. Nonetheless, it was nice having dinner out together. Maybe we will try the branch at East Coast the next time.

The kids definitely had fun in the ballpit that was just right next to our table. They couldn't wait to get done with dinner and dive into the sea of balls. One thing we noted, Abel only dared to do all his stunts only when his sister was around and err on the side of caution when he was alone in the playarea as he finished his dinner first.


tyan said...

all the best for your new work Joan,and hope you are recovering well,in everyway:)