The Hair-cut Ordeal

Abel hasn't had a proper haircut since his birth. It had always been done by Ah Ma. We had once tried to bring him to QBhouse for a cut but failed. Today, we were determined to give him a "boy" haircut with the usual slope as his hair was getting really thick and long. It was definitely a fight that needed 3 persons to hold him down: one to carry him, another to entertain/hold his head down and last, to cut his hair. It was simply cries, screams and hands and legs everywhere. Even the Blue Clue video on Daddy's iTouch was insufficient to distract him. No pictures/videos to show the ordeal since both DAddy and Mommy were so involved in holding him down. Thankfully the hairdresser didn't give up half way and pity the other customer that was in the saloon. After all, it's only $5 for a cut.

Interestingly, when the hairdresser asked us how short, we said short, boy-cut. Guess what was the question that came: Huh, a boy? Not girl? Ah Ma had said many commented that he looked like a girl which we wondered why coz to us, he always had that boyish looks. What do you say?
The tearful Abel on exit from the ordeal.

BEFORE: What Abel usually looks like...our baby face...
AFTER: His NEW style after a clean up. He looks so grown up!
Don't father and son look even more alike now?


baby gifts said...

he looks a lot nicer on his new haircut. It looks for refreshing to see him and neat. nice one!

Princess of Smiles said...

actually, I think he and SY looks alike in some sense. So that means Abel get mistaken as a girl and SY get mistaken as a boy.. haha

But I admit that he does look more boy boy now with this BOY hair cut! Although I still prefer his old hairstyle.. hehe