Happy Birthday Abel! He's 2...

Yes! Abel turns 2 today. There was no big parties but a fun-filled afternoon at Peek-a-boo at Kallang Leisure Park where the kids played to their hearts content. Nothing beats a good workout, chasing after one another. One thing good is that this place opens till 8.30pm and not too crowded compared to other indoor playgrounds which we knew that usually opens till 6pm on weekdays. However, the place was rather small with only 1 climbing structure compared to Fidgets that we last visited at Turf City that had a whole floor to it. Though kids had fun and a great wonder they made friends real easy, Mommy won't recommend if you would like a greater challenge and spend longer hours there (we only stayed there for at most 2hours since we only went after the kids had their naps).

Warming up at the ball pit before traversing the heights. The kids just weren't risk taking enough to jump at the high elements immediately. Somehow rolling and "swimming" in the pool of balls was enough to make the kids laugh and giggle a great time out.
Of course after all the work-out, it was time for dinner. Abel had his choice of Japanese noodles! Yupz, we were not sick of Japanese food even after 10 days in Japan. Somehow Japanese food is always appetising. Well, we went to this restaurant with 99cents per plate sushi. There was a great variety of food aside from sushi. However, the standard wasn't fantastic especially with the price we paid. Oh how we missed the yummy food in Japan even if it was just the standing noodle eating places.


icy said...

Happy birthday Abel!!