Keziah's first day at Kindy!

Keziah's off to her first day at her new kindergarten. There was not much fussing and she was definitely excited to get her hands on her schoolbag and new school shoes. How prim and proper with her hair neatly tied back. Geez, mommy was so proud she walked in with Daddy and bid mommy and didi goodbye at the entrance without fussing and any cry. However, from what Daddy reported, it was a swarm of crying kids in the hall and parents were all lingering around. Peer pressure as we guessed, she started to tear as well when Daddy had to go. It was also her first time on her own taking a schoolbus home to Ah Ma's place after class. She got off with smiles. Looks like she enjoyed her day at school.


Princess of Smiles said...

wow!! she's really growing up...

mine's still crying AGAIN and now it starts in the car... sigh