Daddy's Day Out with Kids

Keziah's got a day off from school since she wasn't going to excursion with the rest of her class. Daddy took a day off too to spend some time with the two. Yes, it's outing day and to no where more familiar than the zoo. They had their morning indulgence at Macs.
Though we've been to the zoo countless times, they haven't ever fed the rabbits.
They were definitely exhausted after the trip and had a snooze on the trip back. While Abel continued to nap after reaching home, our dear princess was wide awake! She was so excited at the idea of helping Daddy to wash the car that she simply dashed out to get her hands on the hose. She was simply diligently wiping the car after dousing it with loads of water.


Tung Leh said...

oh, no wonder the car looks so new on march 14 :)